Your place of refuge from the troubles of the world

Your personal sanctuaryBy the time he was thirty years old, Ernest Hemingway was at the top of his career.  He had already published “The Sun Also Rises” and “ A Farewell to Arms.”  

After returning from an African Safari in 1934, he purchased the newly outfitted fishing boat from Wheeler Shipbuilding in Brooklyn, New York and named her after his wife, Pilar.

More than anything, Hemingway loved to fish.

In 1935, Hemingway won every tournament between Key West, Havana and Bimini. 

Much to the chagrin of the locals.  

In that same year, he landed the largest Marlin to date in the world at 1175 lbs.  And in 1938 he set another world record by landing 7 marlin in one day.  

The time he spent on the boat inspired him to write such classics as “The Old Man and the Sea”  and “Islands in the Stream.”

It was about this time that his critics started making noise when he began writing short stories for magazines instead of the long-form fiction from the beginning of his career.  

His personal life read like one of his novels.

Yet through the ebbs and flows of his life, Pilar became his sanctuary.

It was a place where he could escape from the pressures of work and the thoughts of a broken life.  

A place where he could turn the hurt he experienced into his next great story

Like Hemingway, most of us desire to have our own personal refuge. 

A place where you fully enjoy what life has to offer and leave the rest behind.

I was fortunate enough to find mine fifteen years ago.

Are you ready to find yours?   

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