Your Journey to Fall in Nashville

Recently I was asked by my yoga teacher, Barbara Burgess-Camardella, if I would like to participate in a journey – a six week training program which would take us from 1 sun salutation to 108.  I immediately said “YES” as I will do just about anything she asks of me.  Over the six week period, I came to understand the immensity of this commitment, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually.  As with any journey of this magnitude, there is much effort and much reward.  Physically I am stronger than I’ve ever been.  Mentally, I now know that I can accomplish much more than ever imagined.  Spiritually, I know that the journey is the prize – what I learned about myself and the time I had to connect with Eternal during these days is immeasurable.  If you will indulge me, I will share something I wrote about this awesome opportunity:

The Journey

The journey to 108
Begins with One.
One question-do you?
One answer-Yes!
One sun salutation.
And so it begins.
Working as One,
Yet in community with others
Working as One.
One becomes 2 becomes 8 becomes 80.
Suddenly dawn appears,
A light shines, and I know-
It's not about the 108.
It's about the journey that starts with One..
Teacher said there would be battles.
First 36, a battle with my mind.
I can't do this.
Second 36, a battle with my body.
Aches and pains-I cannot physically do this.
Third 36, a battle with my spirit.
Oh Lord, please help me, please forgive me!
Somewhere around 80 I have settled in.
A comfortable rhythm has taken over.
Somewhere around 80 I understood,
It's only pain and I can learn to tolerate my pain.
Somewhere around 80, the journey from One 
Doesn't seem so far.
Even if I don't make 108
The journey has taught me 
That pain in life is inevitable.
I can learn to tolerate my own pain.
My response is my choice.

Our next big journey takes us into a beautiful Nashville fall.  The leaves are already starting to tinge with yellow and red.  The days are shorter – I noticed that it was quite dark by 7:00pm last night.  It is still quite warm, but I can start to feel the urge to pull out my soft, cozy sweaters.  I brace for the coming winter – not my favorite season, but I will enjoy the fall and many of the activities which come with fall – long walks with leaves crunching under my feet, good books, comfort foods and the anticipation of the upcoming holidays.

Germantown Oktoberfest

There are two great activities which will occur over the weekend of October 10 – 12 that I want to lift up.  The 35th annual Germantown Oktoberfest will begin on Friday, October 10th with a parade sponsored by Christie Cookie.  Festivities begin at 5:00pm on Friday and last until 6:00pm on Sunday.  You can enjoy great food offered by local restaurants and food trucks, a special Oktoberfest brew from Yazoo Brewing Company in addition to many other beverage choices, a 5k on Saturday morning and 3 stages of live music all weekend.  Be sure not to miss the polka music and dancing offered by the Omphasters.  General Admission is FREE but you can also purchase VIP tickets which will give you quicker access to food and beverage and many other amenities.  The website will give you all the information you need to be able to plan your weekend –  Loosen your lederhosen and get ready for a great time!

Southern Festival of Books

Just a few blocks away in downtown Nashville on this same weekend, the 26th annual Southern Festival of Books will be taking place, sponsored by Humanities Tennessee.  This is one of the first book festivals of its kind and has inspired hundreds more.   You will find books and their authors sprawled down Legislative Plaza from The Capital to The Nashville Public Library.  This is a three day celebration of the written word and begins with an opportunity to attend the 7th annual Authors in the Round Dinner at War Memorial Auditorium where you can mingle and dine with 40 of the festival authors and receive each of their books.  The list of authors is expansive and impressive and I can’t begin to list them here.  Last year, I bought enough books to fill my reading list for the entire year and I am looking forward to returning this year.  What a fabulous opportunity to be able to listen to these great authors as they tell of their book writing journeys.  I am especially excited to be able to attend a talk by Pat Conroy on Saturday.  This event is open to the public and FREE.  To plan your cruise through the festival, you can find out more about it at the website, or on the facebook page,

Where will your journey take you this fall?  

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