Your happiness in just a few degrees

A few degrees makes all the differenceIt started out as a normal night off the ragged coast of British Columbia.  The ferry, Queen of the North, was headed on it’s daily route from Prince Rupert Port down the Inside Passage to Vancouver Island.  

The Inside Passage is a popular route for cruise ships and links these isolated fishing communities to the rest of the world.  This route hugs the Pacific coastline of Canada while weaving its way through rocky islands just off the coast.  

The passage is well marked with navigational beacons to guide ships around the dangerous points found along this famous route.  

The flashing beacon off Sainty Point was well placed to signal the crew to make a slight turn to avoid the rocky shore of Gil Island.  

However, the quartermaster and fourth officers were busy having a “personal conversation” on the deck of the ship when they passed this way point.  It appears that their past relationship took precedence over their important duties that night to the passengers and crew.  

It didn’t take much to crash into the rocky shoreline and grind to a screeching halt.  Just fourteen minutes of time and a few degrees off course.  

One decade later, the number of distractions we face daily has grown 10X.  Calls, texts, social media and the internet are all jumping and shouting for our attention.  

As real estate professionals, it’s our job to stay focused and guide you through the treacherous waters of buying or selling a home.  

When one tiny error can have major consequences, you need an experienced navigator that takes their job seriously to ensure you reach your destination safely.    

What obstacles do you need to avoid in your real estate journey?  

I would love to talk to you about it.

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