You got the wrong Guy

You got the wrong GuyThis is a true story.

Ten years ago, Guy Goma, a graduate student from the Congo, went to the BBC building in London for an interview for an IT job.  He was excited about the opportunity, a little nervous and overly polite.  

BBC News was covering a story that day of a failed lawsuit against Apple Computers.  Because the suit was being brought by former Beatles, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney, it was big news. 

BBC News set up an interview with Guy Kewney, editor of the tech website Newswireless, to get the story behind the lawsuit.  

In a hurry to find his interview, the BBC News producer went to the wrong reception area and asked the receptionist for Mr. Guy Kewney.

Of course, she pointed at Mr. Guy Goma, and away they went.  

This was only the beginning of the misunderstandings.

Before the Live On-Air interview, they noticed Guy was nervous and almost breathless.

But the news must go on.  

After the first question, Guy let them know that he was very surprised about the interview.

And that didn’t persuade them from asking a few followup questions.  

It wasn’t until the story was over that they realized that they had the wrong interview.

The real Guy Kewney watched “himself” being interviewed on TV in the correct reception area.  

It must have been incredibly embarrassing for the BBC.  Here is the clip:

That’s what can happen when you are working with a large organization.  You get handed off from person to person as you find your way through the system.  It’s ok when everything works. 

When it doesn’t it can be frustrating to no end.  It can waste much of your energy and time just getting back to the right spot. 

You deserve a better experience.  

We won’t treat you like any old Guy.  We will walk with you fro the start all the way to the end of the sale.  Asking the right questions, providing valuable information and giving solid advice at each step.  

Would you have it any other way?

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