You don't have to be crabby

You don't have to be crabby about Nashville Real EstateOne of my earliest memories as a child is when I was about 3 years old.We were living in Florida a few blocks from the intercostal waterway.

My Dad and I were fishing and I thought I had a big one on the line.

As I was reeling in, I noticed something peculiar.

It wasn’t a fish and I did know quite what it was.To me it looked like a monster was stealing my bait.

I tried to shake him off as I was reeling in, but he kept hanging on.

Frustrated and mad, I threw my pole in the water and ran home.My Dad was laughing all the way.

What I caught was a blue crab.And the old school way of catching them is to tie a chicken neck on a line and toss it in the water.When a crab clings on to the neck, you can reel them all the way into your net.

Blue crabs are not smart enough to know that you caught them so they rarely let go.

And sometimes I think that we are just like the blue crabs.

Hanging on to the things that we did in the past, because we do not know what the future will look like if we just let go.

And that’s especially true in real estate.

What worked last year, doesn’t work today.That goes true for buying, selling and the lending process.

Unlike the average agent, we stay on top of our game through education, attending conferences and practicing real estate every day.

And the difference can be seen on the faces and in the wallets of our clients.

Here’s what one of my investor clients said on Zillow a few years ago.

“I used Steve to purchase a house recently.Steve was the third agent I worked with as I wasn't satisfied with the first two.We looked at a number of houses before I made an offer that was accepted.I closed several weeks ago.Steve's service was outstanding from the start of my search throughclosing and after.He is a consummate professional who puts his client's interests ahead of his own.He's extremely knowledgeable about all facets of real estate and I will definitely use him again in the future.”

And since that time, I’ve helped him buy a few more.

Do you want to work with a professional who puts your interests ahead of his own?

Then give me a call today at 615.519.0983.

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