You Can't Downsize Treasured Memories

Nashville Real Estate Statistics April 2015We are in the process of preparing Mom and her most treasured belongings for a move from her home of 50 years to a beautiful apartment in a vibrant retirement community where many of her friends live, including her best friend of 61 years. She and I have spent several days this week attempting to pack up her kitchen and her personal effects.  Other family members will be here this weekend to continue the process as we all pick and choose what should go with her to her new home, what should go into storage to keep for family members and what will stay for an eventual estate sale. We have hired Steve and Gretchen Jolly of Benchmark Realty to market her home for sale when the time comes. We have also hired Upsidedown, a company owned and operated by Donna Lehning and Merrily Gibney, to help us in the process of moving Mom to Richland and Libba Rainey to facilitate the estate sale. I fully recommend all of these groups. Their help and advice have been invaluable.

We have spent countless hours, and there are many more to come, going through closets and drawers which are filled to the brim with notes, cards, pictures, old coins, vintage clothing, christening gowns, old purses, handkerchiefs, Christmas decorations, old vacation brochures, army memorabilia, both of my grandmothers personal effects as well as my Dads – all long removed from the homes themselves as they are continuing their journeys out of our range of vision - memories from other family members even further down the generational lines, books, obituaries galore, financial papers and so much more. We tend to get lost in trying to decide what to keep, what to give and what to throw away. What I am learning as I search through these treasures is that my memories of these wonderful people will remain long after all the pieces of paper and the trinkets are gone. Don’t get me wrong, I will keep what is important, but it is safe to dispose of the rest and keep the treasures stored in my personal memory bank. Tears are being shed and laughter rings out as we look at these old artifacts and recount numerous stories to each other. The relationships we keep, the paper we can let go of. Do one favor for yourself today – call a family member, hug your mother and father, send a note to someone you love and for heaven’s sake – clean out one drawer so your children don’t have to!!

A few fun activities coming up:

May 21 at LP field – Yoga on the field benefitting Soles 4 Souls.  Bring a mat, a bottle of water and a friend to celebrate Nashville’s growing yoga community and a good cause. I’ll be there!

May 22 – 24 – Nashville Flea Market: Thrift Emporium – great finds for all. 

May 25 – Music City Blues Spring Festival at Centennial Park sponsored by New Hope Foundation and Hosted by Jimmy Church.  Music, food and FUN!

This Memorial Day, consider taking a tour of historic Nashville to honor our loved ones who have served and died for us.  Start at the Tennessee State Capitol taking in the statues and history on the hill, then make your way to Bi-Centennial Mall to see the WWII memorial, continuing on to War Memorial Auditorium for the Vietnam and Korean Vets Memorials, through the Tennessee State Museum and then to Fort Negley on the River Front which is rich in Civil War history. 

Other places of historical interest to visit are:

The Carter House

Carnton Plantation

Traveller’s Rest Plantation

Belle Meade Plantation

The Hermitage: Home of Andrew Jackson

Pleasant memories!

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