You are as bizarre as the company that you keep

You are the company that you keepYou are the company that you keep.

Although it may be older than dirt, this saying is still true today as evidenced in the stories below.  

This story happened to a colleague.  The real estate agent and their client went on a tour of a new listing.  The buyer was interested in the home and they were contemplating an offer, when the phone rang.  It was the listing agent and he was furious.  He screamed at the agent saying that they did not have permission to be in the home.  It was so loud that the buyer could easily hear what the listing agent was yelling on the phone.

Embarrassed at the situation, the real estate agent showed her buyer the emails received confirming the showing appointment and other rude communications from the listing agent.  Some of them were written so poorly it was hard to understand the message.  

As you can imagine, the buyer decided not to place an offer on the home because of the strange actions of the listing agent.  And the seller never knew their loss.  

Here’s one more that happened to me recently.

After one of our listings went under contract, we requested the remaining paperwork from the buyer’s agent.  We soon found out that they use a transaction coordinator to manage the process from the time it goes under contract until it closes.  

This is not necessarily a bad thing because many transaction coordinators do an excellent job and make this process run smoother.  

However, that’s not what happened in this situation.

The transaction coordinator was incredibly rude from the beginning and is slow. Unfortunately, I will have to hound them to timely hold up their end of the deal.  And this is not the first time it happened with this coordinator.  

No I won’t let this prevent me from working with them again in the future, but I will let my clients know what has happened in the past and what they might expect to see in their transaction.  

I would be devastated if one of my partners acted in the same way.   It would likely terminate our relationship.  

That’s why we only surround ourselves with true professionals who treat others with respect every time.  

If you need a referral to a true professional who can help you with some part of your situation, then contact me today and let me know.   We are here to help you!

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