Yesterday was a big day for me

Yesterday was a big day for meYesterday was a big day for me.

I reviewed and approved the final proof of the book that I wrote last year. The book is my attempt at convincing the real estate industry to abandon all forms of annoyance marketing.  

Especially, telemarketing calls.  

If you have tried to sell your home recently and withdrawn the listing, then you know exactly what I mean.  

Hundreds of agents in this area subscribe to services that gather the expired or withdrawn listings and match the information to your phone number.

So, starting the morning after your listing cancels, your phone rings off the hook for the next few days.  Most of these agents claim to have a buyer for your home and want to preview the property. 

The truth is many of them just want the opportunity to talk to you and pitch their ability to sell your home.  

I’ve heard of people getting 50+ calls in the first hour of the day while they are on the Do Not Call list.

That would make me furious, and I know that you feel the same way.  

The problem is that most sales trainers and coaches encourage their clients to call people for a few hours everyday.  They claim it’s the only way to sell real estate.  

I’m here to show them another way to be successful in real estate.  

And it’s based on things like:

  • Developing relationships
  • Helping people solve problems
  • Teaching people what they need to know
  • Showing what mistakes to avoid
  • Providing guidance and solid advice

This weekday email is just one part of that solution.  I know some folks do not like email so I only send it to those who subscribe.  And, I place an unsubscribe link on the bottom of every email so you can opt out anytime you want.  

I do this because I care about you and respect your time. 

I’m also curious to hear your telemarketing horror stories. Hit reply and tell me your worst.  

The Daily Deal in Nashville is a brick ranch on an acre lot in need of renovations in up-n-coming Madison and listed for less than $90,000.

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