Would You Sell Your Nashville Home Over the Holidays?

Nashville Real Estate NowHoliday Season for Nashville Real Estate

Do you have a home on the market or a house to sell now?

Is it best to wait until January to market my home in Nashville?

November and December can be a productive time to sell your home.  January and February are the slowest months for Real Estate in Nashville, TN.  If your home is not yet on the market, you still have time, but need to act quickly.  Here’s 10 reasons why the holidays may be a good time for you to sell your home.

  1. Those looking at homes during the holidays are serious and committed buyers.  They have to buy soon or they would not be looking at homes.
  2. Many People take their home off of the market before the holidays, so the inventory is lower.  This means less competition for sellers and a better opportunity to sell.
  3. The inventory starts increasing again in January and the buyer activity slows. There is typically less demand with a higher supply of homes in January and February in Nashville.
  4. Your Home may show better when it is tastefully decorated for the holidays.  Do not over do the decorations or completely cover your selling features.
  5. People can be more emotional during the holidays and may be willing to spend more to get the right home.
  6. Buyers have much more free time to look at homes over the holidays. They can schedule showings on weekdays while they are off work instead of weekends.
  7. For tax purposes, some people have to buy a home before the end of the year.
  8. The New Year is a popular time for business to relocate employees.  Those having to move in the New Year are buying homes during the holidays.
  9. If you sell your home before the end of the year, you may be able to negotiate a delayed possession and move out during the New Year.
  10. By selling your home during the holidays, you can buy during the New Year when demand is lower and inventory is higher.

    If you are thinking about selling in December, Call Steve Jolly today at 615-519-0983! 


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