Why you'll fall in love with Nashville

Fall in love with NashvilleIf you love music, then you would love living in Nashville.  

Music is part of the soul of the city and it mysteriously finds it’s way into your life when you least expect it.  

Two years ago I was picking up some last minute items at Trader Joes.  This store is always crowded, so just imagine it on Christmas eve.  

The checkout lines were backing up in the aisles and folks were becoming frustrated.  

Then it happened.

A dozen folks dressed in their best Victorian outfits, walked into the front door and started caroling.  

There must have been some magic because everyone stopped what they were doing to join in.

And when I say everyone, I mean the shoppers, the people waiting in line, the employees and even the managers were signing every word.

It was amazing how hundreds of people stopped in unison and forgot about their worries for ten minutes of music.  It’s something beautiful that I will never forget.  

When I saw this video the other day, it reminded me of that magical time at Trader Joes.


Russell Dickerson is a country artist, who spontaneously decided to sing White Christmas at an area grocery store.  And out of the blue another gentleman decided to join in.  

It’s moments like this that make me love living in Nashville. 

It’s not the architecture, the business opportunities or the beautiful scenery that I love most.  It’s the people.  

You won’t find a better bunch in all the world.  

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience the people who live here, just give me a call.  I’d love to introduce you.  

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