Why most people fail in negotiations

Why most folks fail in negotiationsAntonio Damasio is a neuroscientist and professor of psychology at the University of Southern California. Several years ago, he was doing some groundbreaking research.

He studied people with damage to the area of their brain that generates emotion. Damasio found that they were normal in most other ways, except one.

Although they could describe their problems logically, they could not make decision. Not even a simple one like what to have for dinner.

He discovered that decisions are always based on emotion, even when you think you are making a logical one.

As I told you yesterday, a big part of my job is to keep your emotions neutral during the negotiations on your home.

This works for our side of the negotiation, but it does nothing for those we are negotiating with.

It would be a huge mistake to try and affect the other side with reason and common sense because emotions are controlling both sides of the table.

So, it's my job to build a vision of you and your proposal as the best solution to their problems.

And, it's nearly impossible to do without truly understanding the other party.

Fortunately, I've been studying home buyers and sellers for years. In that time, I discovered the right way to ask questions to discover their pain, problems and objections.

I can't tell them that your offer is best for them. I have to paint that vision so clear and connected that they come to that conclusion on their own.

And that's the strongest commitment you can get from the other side.

If negotiations are one of your concerns, then let's talk about the best way you can approach it.

Call me at 615-519-0983. I am here for you.

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