Why Antioch is the best location for IKEA in Nashville

Why Antioch is the best location for IKEAI’m sure you heard the news yesterday.  It was the long awaited announcement that furniture giant IKEA has plans to open a store in Nashville.  

Before you stomach starts growing for their famous Swedish Meatballs, the store won’t be open until the summer of 2020 due to the redesign of the Hickory Hollow Parkway exit off I-24.  

While most people were excited at the announcement, there are many dissenting on social media. 

Here are some of the comments I saw online:

“After years of putting in my Zip Code at IKEA stores around the globe, it has finally paid off. Although I may need to assemble a bulletproof vest to shop there.”

‘Kinda thought they might pick a nicer place to put it unless things have changed since I left Nashville.”

“Why in Antioch?”

“Not a good location IKEA.”

And I left out some comments that were much worse.  

Here’s the bottom line for me.

Nashville is stronger when all of it’s communities are prospering.  

Antioch was hit especially hard during the mortgage crisis due to overbuilding of housing in the area.  It created a glut of available homes that held prices down in this area until just recently.  

While builders are active in the area again, retail has struggled for the last decade. 

Until now. 

This mixed use development should be the boost that Antioch needs to revitalize the area and change the perception.  In addition to IKEA, this site will also include offices for Franklin-based Community Health Systems, town homes and other retail stores.  

I hope you join me in celebrating this announcement and be thankful for the company that choose to invest in a part of Nashville that many others have overlooked. 

The Daily Deal in Nashville is a home that is located close to the IKEA location and features all-brick construction, custom cabinets, granite and hardwood flooring.  It is listed for less than $320,000.

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