Who would you hire: the chicken or the pig?

Who would you hire: the chicken or the pig?This is hard to believe.

I’ve started working with three new buyers recently that had one thing in common.   All three of these folks tried to work with someone else first. 

These buyers initially wanted to work with another agent but they were not as responsive as they should have been.  I’m sure the agent provided information and even showed them some homes when it was convenient.  These agents seem committed until you sign the agreement to work with them.

It reminds me of the old business story of the Chicken and the Pig. 

A manager was trying to get one of his employees more involved in the business.  So he took the employee out to breakfast and told him about his concerns.  The manager asked if he understood the difference between making a contribution and a commitment. 

The employee did not completely understand and asked for clarification. 

The manager pointed at the breakfast of ham and eggs.  You see the chicken made a contribution to the breakfast while the pig was fully committed. 

My business is designed to be fully committed to the two most important jobs that I have: marketing and working with you.

My mornings are dedicated to marketing, networking and providing information for you.  I want to ensure that the right people know about the homes that I have for sale and the opportunities I’ve found to purchase.   

Delivering timely information is essential for success in a busy market. 

My afternoons are dedicated to helping you by scouring through the MLS, doing research, attending inspections, meeting appraisers, showing homes and helping people get their home sold quickly.

Blocking my time like this helps to ensure I get every important item completed and still have time to help you when needed. 

If you need a real estate professional who is not afraid of making a commitment, then call/text me today at 615.519.0983.

Looking forward to talking with you.

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