Who Just Rode Into Town?

In 1876, after narrowly escaping death during a bank robbery in Northfield Minnesota, Jesse and Frank James moved to East Nashville to lead respectable lives.  Jesse took the alias, Thomas Howard. 

They lived in at least three places in Edgefield, a neighborhood in East Nashville.   At the time, Edgefield was the “Belle Meade” of Nashville filled with mansions, aristocrats and beautiful architecture.  East Nashville was a perfect place for a wealthy outlaw to hide in the open.

The good times did not last long for Jesse or East Nashville.

Jesse got restless and went back to his wicked ways.  Many of these beautiful East Nashville homes were demolished in the 1960’s in the name of urban renewal. 

In the 1970’s the historic preservation movement took hold in Nashville with the rediscovery of Historic Edgefield by urban pioneers.   In 1977, the neighborhood was listed on the National Registry of Historic Places saving hundreds of Italianate, East Lake, Queen Anne, Classical Revival and Bungalow style homes. 

The rest of East Nashville would not be rediscovered until the turn of the century. 

In the year 2000, a home in the 37206 zip code (this part of East Nashville) had an average sales price of $96,032 and a maximum sales price for the year at $240,000.  383 homes were sold in this part of East Nashville in 2000.

Now we fast forward to the year 2015.

This year, the average sales price in this part of East Nashville is $333,400 and the maximum sold so far this year is $999,725.  Through the middle of November, there have been more than 632 sales.  WOW!  We still have 45 days of sales left in 2015. 

Does it feel like the James Gang rode back into East Nashville?

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