Who is your rosebud?

Who is your inspiration?You’ve probably seen the classic movie “Citizen Kane” starring Orson Welles.

It was about a powerful newspaper magnate and is based on the real life of Willam Randolph Hearst.  

And I know what you are thinking.   Where is Steve going with this?

Have a little patience because this beats everything that you will see on the news or TV today.

The movie begins with Kane’s dying breath as he utters the word, “Rosebud.”  

And you spend the rest of the movie trying to determine what is this Rosebud.

[Spoiler Alert]

In the end, you discover that Rosebud was the brand name of a sled that Kane owned as a child.  And to him it represents so much more.

Orson Welles revealed in an interview that Rosebud, “stood for his mother’s love that he never lost.”

His mother’s love was his life’s inspiration.

And here’s the straight truth…

We all have our own Rosebud.  

Something that shaped us in our early years and helped us to become the successful people that we are today.  

My rosebud has changed over time.  And as I look forward to the next twenty years, I want to let you know that my children are my rosebud.  

They inspired me to put others first.

They encouraged me to do something important for our community and the world.  

They gave me a whole new outlook on life.  

Which brings me back to this.

Who or What is your rosebud?

Where do you find your motivation?

Give it some serious thought today and see where the inspiration takes you.

And forget about everything else for just one day because it will still be here tomorrow.

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