Which Price is Right?

Questions and Answers on Nashville Real EstateYou have questions.

I have answers. 

Q&A is always one of my favorites.  Answering questions helps people solve problems and that is the highlight of my day.

Here are a couple of recent ones that I answered:

Question:  I was looking at a house for sale online, one site had a price of $293,000 and another had it listed at $317,000.  Which one is right?

Steve:  I understand your frustration and I’m glad that you asked this question.  To know the correct price the best place to check is my site: NashvilleRealEstateNow.com.  This site is connected directly to the MLS and is updated every 15 minutes.  In addition, my site will also tell you when a house is under contract with a contingency.  Most sites won’t tell you when a home is under contract.  They consider this to be “smart” marketing.  I prefer not to trick people and waste their time.  I want my clients to be the most educated and best equipped in the market. 


Question:  This home appraised at $280,000 a few years ago.  What do you think it is worth today?

Steve:  That’s a great question.  You also need to consider this. Appraisals are an opinion of value based on many factors that do not always equal the sales price.  Also, the value a few years ago has no bearing on the price today.  The best opinions of price come from a thorough analysis of recent sales and listings of similar homes in your neighborhood.  Without doing the required homework, there can be no expectation of accuracy.   I will be glad to tell you what it’s worth, l just need a little time.

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