Where NOT to buy in Nashville

Where NOT to buy a home in NashvilleJust in time for Halloween, I bring you housecreep.com.

Housecreep bills itself as a vault of homes with secrets, criminal histories and unexplained mysteries.  These experiences come from publicly available information and from first hand accounts of people just like you.

So the information is free to view and to be taken at your own risk.

Anyone who reports such activity is required to submit at least one source (news article, image, scanned document) so the claim can be verified.  

Except in the case of paranormal activity.  For this situation only, they will take the word of a person with first-hand experience.  

There are some crazy house stories here too.  

Like a building on West 10th Street in New York City, nicknamed the House of Death.  

Mark Twain lived in this home at one time and they report that this home is haunted by Twain and 21 other people who died here since the building was converted to apartments in 1937. 

Having this information in a state like Tennessee can be helpful.

You see, Tennessee is one of the states where laws don’t require sellers to disclose if a home has been the sight of a haunting, murder or other similar stigma.

And that’s scarier to me than spotting a clown in the woods.  

So, if you want to see what’s been documented in Middle Tennessee, just click here for a map of creepy homes around Nashville.

Most of the ones I found were seized by the DEA, but there are a couple of surprises in there.  

And if you want to know one other way to find information that is not required to be disclosed, then hit reply now.  

This is one secret that I won’t take to the grave. [Insert evil laugh]

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