When you aggression turns to arrogance, you lose

When your agression turns to arrogance, you loseThis was the critical moment that caused Atlanta to lose yesterday’s Super Bowl.

It was 1st and 10 with 4:40 left to play and Atlanta was up 28-20.  Atlanta had the ball at the Patriots 22 yard line.  

Most people would expect Atlanta to play it safe.  Just kick a field goal and force the Patriots to score twice in 4 minutes to win the game.  While it is not impossible to score twice, the odds and the clock were stacked against the Patriots.  

I love to play aggressive, but sometimes you need to play smart in order to win.

If there is a time to be aggressive and throw the ball, it would have been first down when the defense was expecting a run.  Atlanta played it safe and ran the ball.  I can’t argue with that call. 

In fact, I would have probably ran the ball 3 times and kicked the field goal. This could have taken the clock down to under 3 minutes to play with an 11 point lead.  

Instead, on second down they decided to throw for the end zone.  The play resulted in a sack that took them out of field goal range.  

This is the moment when Atlanta’s aggression turned to arrogance.  I call it arrogant because their was no good reason to be aggressive at that point.  They had the game in hand and all they had to do was play smart to win.

Possibly they wanted to embarrass the Patriots or maybe they were mad about losing a 25 point lead.  Whatever the case, it’s bad business to let your emotions change a solid game plan because it can come back to haunt you.

That’s where an experienced coach makes all the difference.

And like Bill Belichick, the Patriots coach, I won’t let the emotions get the best of you in real estate.  

I would call a timeout to make sure that you fully understand your decision and the likely outcomes.  I will make sure that you know that your offense is calling the wrong plays and why it could hurt you.  

And then show you the easiest way to victory.  

If you are ready to win smart with an experienced coach, hit reply so we can put together the best game plan for you.

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