When builders disappoint, your plan for success

Your plan for success when builder disappointBy their nature, home builders are optimistic people.  Would a pessimist buy raw land, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and turn it into a home without a qualified buyer?

I’d have to agree with you.

With our super low inventory, it’s less risky for the average builder today.  Most new homes sell before the foundation is poured.   This has translated into a longer buying cycle for new builds. 

Naturally, builder optimism has transferred to the closing date. 

Builders don’t mean to disappoint.  It’s impossible to predict exact dates when there are so many variables out of their control such as the weather, buyer change requests, material shortages and labor availability. This is the reason why state contracts give them so much leeway with the completion date. 

I expect that builders have a bias with their estimates to keep buyers happy (initially) and to close homes as soon as they are completed.  They build in extra days to their time estimates, but even the best laid plans go haywire.  The problems erupt into buyer disappointment when their six month promises turn into nine long months.

If you need to move into your new home in the next three - six months, then you need to act immediately.  The new home will need to be “under roof” when you sign the contract to meet this deadline.  Don’t go all in with this time frame and plan for flexibility in your schedule.  Your choices will be extremely limited.

If you want to move into your new home in the next six – twelve months, then you need to act this week.  If the foundation of your home is not poured, expect to wait a minimum of nine months before completion.  The longer you can wait; the more options you will have. 

If you want to move into your home more than one year from now, than you have some time to research and investigate.  When you are getting close to that year mark, give your favorite real estate professional a call to get the ball rolling. 

Hit reply and let me know your current time frame?

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