What's 150 years old and still on the job?

What's 150 years old and still the best?I’m going to tell you about my trip to Atlanta on Friday, but first I want to share this story with you that the host told at the conference.

The Museum of English Rural Life in at the University of Reading in the UK had quite a surprise the other day in one of their exhibits.  

This particular exhibit was encased behind glass and was full of straw, wood and other textiles of the past.  In addition to these items was a “Perpetual Mouse Trap” that was likely made in the 1860’s.

The trap was manufactured by Colin Pullinger & Sons of Silsey, West Sussex and sold with the promise that it ‘will last a lifetime’.

The device was made to catch more than one mouse at a time, instead of the more common spring loaded trap that is limited to one.

It was hugely popular for it’s time because it worked.

Then it vanished to history and its place in museums like this one.

And then something amazing happened.  

Someone noticed that the trap had recently caught a mouse.  

People were amazed that something 150 years old still worked as advertised.

This story reminds me of the “Bright, Shiny Object” syndrome that prevails in our culture.  We are not satisfied with the status quo and must have the latest and greatest, regardless of how it works.

This cultural phenomena is strong in real estate marketing.  You’ve probably seen it in the way some of my colleagues advertise.  How they copy each others marketing strategies, without giving it a second thought.  

What happened to being a master of your craft?  

Like going 5 miles deep instead of 1 mile wide.

It’s part of the mindset of our culture that newer must be better.  

For me, what works best in real estate is “old fashioned” common sense.  Careful listening so that we understand your concerns and best answer your questions.  Solving problems that you say are important.  And treating you like family.  

So, I’d love to know what is your biggest concern with the Nashville Real Estate Market?   

P.S.  The conference in Atlanta was great and I can’t thank you enough for being a part of it.

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