What you should do when the game is over

When the game is overNo matter how much thought and preparation you put into a project, sometimes life pulls the rug from under your best laid plans.

Here’s a good example.

When Facebook first came out, there was no way to search for information on topics that you found important.  It was a shame because there was tons of great information that no one could easily access.

A friend of mine had a great idea to build a product that archived real estate info on Facebook and provided a way to search it.  

He was very excited about this project and spent months getting it ready.

And then it happened.

Within a few days of the release of this new product in March 2013, Facebook launched their own search option within the site.  

Immediately, they knew their product was DOA [Dead on Arrival]. 

I can’t imagine the frustration they felt when they heard the news and knew that thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of his time were wasted.  

It would be enough for most people to throw in the towel permanently.

But, that’s not what he did. 

Even though the game was over, he didn’t pick up his ball and go home.

Chris understood that the only thing he could control were his actions.  So he took his game to another court and started a new venture that is amazingly successful today. 

Just like in 2007, when the Mortgage Crisis crushed our economy; we are on the verge of another big change.

This time your risks are rising prices and interest rates.  I’m here now to let you know that your purchasing power is eroding as we speak.  If you are considering a change in address in the near future, you might want to speed up your plans.  

If not, I’ll still be here for you when you make that decision.

And if the rug has been pulled out from under your dream home, I’ll be hear to show you my game plan at the next best place to play.

Getting started is easy.  Just hit reply and let me do the heavy lifting for you.  

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