What to do when you are going in circles

What to do when you are going in circlesIf you are not getting everything that you want out of life, then take a minute to think about this. 

Strategies, tools and tactics are all great for success; however, they cannot solve the most important problem for most of us: The lack of motivation.

We all want to get ahead in life and some of us even talk about it with our friends and colleagues.  Few of us take the necessary steps to achieve our goals. 

We don’t like where we are and we don’t like what it takes to get where we want to go. So instead of doing something, we do nothing and find ourselves spinning in circles.  

Overtime, our minds have developed ways to deal with the pain of not moving forward.  Some of us deny the problem, brood about it publicly, or procrastinate.   We don’t realize that these coping techniques are sabotaging our success. 

Instead of coping with the problem of where we are now, let’s embrace it instead.  Open up fully to those feelings about your place in the world today and what you want to achieve.

Attach those negative feelings to the actions that you are avoiding and the positive feelings to your goals.

Let your love of the future you, be the fuel that drives your motivation.  Learn to love the achievement of your goals more than you hate the pain you will endure along the way. 

It’s your mind that is holding you back, so use it to free yourself instead. 

These positive thoughts take you from a denier to an achiever, from a brooder to a motivator, and from a procrastinator to an action taker.

That first step toward your goals is most important because it’s when we are most vulnerable. 

You might even ask a close friend or colleague to take that step with you to provide support and encouragement.  So when things go sideways (and they will) we don’t feel tempted to dive back in our comfort zone. 

If you need someone to take that first step with you on the road to your success, then reach out to me today. 

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