What the Color of Your Front Door says about You?

What the color of your front door says about youThis tradition started many years ago in Scotland, yet the origin is not clear.  Perhaps it was linked to a familiar practice of the church to sanctify their buildings.  Or it borrowed from the folks in ancient Ireland as a way to deter away evil spirits.  (In early America, it symbolized a safe place to rest for weary travelers or runaway slaves.)

Sometime in the recent past, painting your front door red became a symbol of a mortgage-free home in Scotland.  It was a way to celebrate with your neighbors (and the whole world) that your home was free and clear. 

Paying off your mortgage is a huge deal!

As Dave Ramsey says,” The grass feels different under your feet.”

In a world where we feel compelled to drive or wear our favorite status symbols, the thought of this simple gesture is quite refreshing. 

Most Americans think of the “Mortgage Burning Party” when it comes to celebrating the pay off. 

When you make that last payment you should receive a few items from your mortgage company as proof.  You will likely receive two “Cancelled” documents from the lender, the note and the mortgage.  In Tennessee, a deed of trust is the mortgage document.  You should also receive a release and a final statement with a zero balance. 

It is best that you keep the original of all these documents.  You may need to prove that the mortgage is paid off at some time in the future. 

If you want to actually burn something at your party, I suggest burning a copy of the Mortgage document.  This symbolic act will still be a load of fun and keep your important documents safe. 

The red front door on my home is a symbol of our plan to soon be free and clear.  If you want to talk about a plan for your home, just click reply. 

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