What price would you put on it?

what price would you put on itThis is one of my favorite stories.

A huge steamship filled with cargo stalled at the dock and the engineer cannot get the boiler to fire so they can depart.

The captain calls for the local boilermaker to take a look.   The boilermaker shows up with a small toolbox and wearing street clothes.

Use to the strange looks upon arrival, the boilermaker says, “Relax, I’ve been doing this a long time.”

He approaches the stalled boiler and runs his hands along the surface until he finds the right spot.  He puts his ear against the boiler and knocks it with his knuckles. 

“Aha,” he says, opening his toolbox and removing the small hammer inside. 

He gives it a strong rap in the same spot, and in an instant the boiler roars back to life.

The captain is happy until he receives the bill from the boilermaker for $100.  (This was a lot of money at this time.) 

The captain demands an itemized invoice because all he did was strike the boiler one time with his hammer.  How could this cost $100?

The boilermaker revises the invoice and hands it back to the captain. 

It reads:

  1. Tapping the boiler with a hammer - $1
  2. Knowing where to tap - $99

Real Estate is the same way.

Some folks think that finding a home to buy is the hardest part of the Realtor’s job.  And it couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

With the amount of MLS information available online, it’s relatively easy for anyone to find a home for sale that meets their needs. 

The real estate agent earns his keep when he successfully negotiates the contract, inspection, appraisal and gets to the closing table.  With all of the regulations and obstacles to overcome, this has become the most difficult part of the job. 

And I’m sure that you have similar issues in your profession.  Most jobs are extremely hard and the great ones make it look so much easier than it is. 

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