What is standing between where you are and where you want to be?

What is standing in your wayJesse Itzler was running a 100 mile race in San Diego as part of a six person relay team.  He thought he was tough until he met David Goggins.   David was a big dude and was running the race all by himself.  

Jesse had never seen anything like it, an ultra-marathon runner that weighed in close to 250.  So he decided to keep a close eye on this guy.  At the 70 mile mark, David had broken all of the small bones in his feet and had kidney damage.

And David finished the race.

This was on top of the atrial septum defect that he has lived with his entire life that giving him only 75% use of his heart.  

Jesse, the founder of the largest private jet company in the world, decided to hire David to teach him mental toughness.  

One of the first things that he learned was the 40% rule.  It’s a concept used by Navy Seals in training.  When you mind tells you that you are done, you are really only 40% finished.  

Most of us quit when our mind says so.  David’s story and countless other studies show how our mind is limiting our abilities when we really can double them. 

I’ve seen this work in my own life.  At the gym lately, I’ve been focusing on volume training as a way to keep improving.  Even though I know that I can lift a certain weight twenty times, somewhere around ten reps my brain says enough.  

And I also see it in business.  I’ve been told countless time that certain things were not possible, yet I’ve found a way to succeed over and over again.  

I’d love to know what is holding you back in life now.  

What do you want to accomplish that seems impossible?

Let’s breakthrough this together!

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