What I learned from the most hated man in college football

What I learned from Nick SabanPerfection is one of those weird qualities that can make you wildly successful or an ongoing failure, depending on how you put it to work.

Perfection gets ugly when it causes you to not take action until you have removed every flaw or defect.  Some folks call this “paralysis by analysis” because you never move forward due to the constant investigation and scrutiny.    

Over time this type of perfection takes an emotional toll because your failure to complete a project turns into your failure as a person.  

And that’s not healthy for you and your family.  

However, there is another way to approach your problem.  

First of all, unless you are a brain surgeon perfection is rarely necessary to be successful in completing a project.  So, how do you know when it’s time to launch?  When it’s good enough is the best time to launch.  

Second, some problems are not evident until it’s been put to use.  Sure you can test along the way, but that does not equal real life usage.  The minor problems you find after completion can be fixed on the fly.  Don’t worry about what others think because these things happens to everyone and on every project.  

Last, the healthy form of perfection is found in everyday improvement.  Commit yourself (and your completed projects) to becoming a little better everyday.   And, plan for future problems.  

One of the best at the healthy type of perfection is Nick Saban, Head Coach of the University of Alabama Football team.  When you make a mistake, Saban demands that you know what you did wrong and that you do it right the next time.  This is why he gives his coaches and team “butt-chewings” when they don’t live up to their potential.  

That’s also why he hired Steve Sarkisian as a “consultant” to the team last year.  He knew that his Offensive Coordinator, Lane Kiffin, would either be successful and get hired by another team or that he would fall flat on his face.  

When Lane was overwhelmed by the duties of his current job and preparing for his next, Saban fired him and immediately promoted Sarkisian.  And this was one week prior to the National Championship Game.  

How many other coaches would have planned ahead, and had the nerve to do that? 

As a graduate and fan of the University of Tennessee, I am not fond of Nick Saban the football coach.  Though I highly respect the way he manages his team and the success he has obtained in his career.  

When it comes to perfection, I tend to follow Saban’s way of achieving it in business. 

I am constantly working on my real estate “game plan” and discovering the best ways to serve you.  It’s why I spend so much time working with and educating my clients. I don’t want you to suffer the same fate because you don’t fully understand the situation or the problem you are facing.  

If you find yourself facing the awful type of perfection when it comes to real estate, then I can help you find the best.  

I’ll help you dig deep and destroy those fears that are holding you back.  I’ll help you see what problems are on the horizon and put contingency plans in place.

But, you still have to make that first step.   It’s an easy one though.

Hit reply or call me at 615-519-0983.  

I’d love to help you make 2017 your best year ever.

Happy New Year!

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