What Happens When You Follow Your Heart

when you follow your heart in NashvilleSome say it started in Mississippi, others make the claim for Georgia.

Here is what we know.  

In 1866, the Ladies Memorial Association in Columbus, GA passed a motion that they would decorate the graves of soldiers at the local cemetery.

Not wanting this to be a local event, they decided to write letters to the editors of newspapers all over the United States.  

In the letter, the ladies asked people to honor the fallen on April 26, 1866 by laying flowers on their graves.  People all across the south took their advice.

On April 25th, 1866 a group of ladies from Columbus, MS followed their advice and decorated the graves of Confederate soldiers who lost their lives at the Battle of Shiloh.

When finished, they noticed that the graves of the Union soldiers looked desolate.  Thinking of the heartbreak of the mothers of these fallen men, the ladies in Mississippi decided to adorn all of the soldiers that were buried there.

This simple act of love and compassion was heralded all across the country.  Newspapers everywhere published the story.

It inspired people everywhere to place flowers on the graves of all soldiers, regardless if they were a former enemy.  

These simple acts of love inspired a nation to move forward and begin to set aside their differences.  

These were ordinary people just like me and you.  

It’s amazing what people can do when their hearts and minds are in the right place.  

Where is your heart leading you today?

Hit reply, and let me know your thoughts.  

And join me today in honoring all those who gave everything so we could live in peace and freedom.  

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