What happens when you don't care what other people think

When you don't care what other people thinkHere’s the story.

When the pressure is on, people make mistakes because they are too nervous.  They are worried about making a mistake.  

And that’s exactly what happened to Frederic.  His boss knew that he had talent, but every time that he had a chance to showcase his work, he failed due to his lack of confidence.

He heard all of his life that he was not fast enough or good enough to play professional hockey.  He was passed over once in the Junior Hockey Draft and twice in the NHL draft.  

Then in 2013, he got one chance.  It was a $40,000 a year contract to play with the Milwaukee Admirals, the minimum salary for the American Hockey League.  

The Predators thought that he had talent, but needed to gain confidence.  In early 2016, they signed him to a NHL contract.  If he had remained on his previous contract, Frederic could have been picked up by any other team in the league.  

Though he was on an NHL contract, Frederic remained in Milwaukee building confidence and waiting for his shot in the big league.  

After, Mike Fisher and Ryan Johansen were hurt in the playoffs series with the Ducks, Frederic got the call he was waiting for.  

He showed up in Nashville without so much as a locker to store his gear.  Instead the Predators gave him a chair, table and nameplate.  Instead of complaining, Frederic decided to take out his aggressions on the Penguins.

And the rest is history.

Right now, Freddy Gaudreau is leading all scorers in the Stanley Cup Finals agains Pittsburgh with three goals.  And two of those goals were game winners.  

Instead of complaining or giving up, Freddy showed up for work everyday with a winning attitude.  

And that’s the same kind of attitude that you need to succeed in the Nashville real estate market. 

If you’ve experienced frustration as a buyer in this market, you are not alone.  I’ve heard countless stories of people losing out on 5, 7 or even 10 homes.  And I could understand why they would want to throw in the towel.

But, it’s not necessary.

The secret to succeeding in this market is having the right partners in your corner, following a proven strategy and being able to react quickly.  

If you are ready to give it all up, then do yourself a favor and call me first.  I want to share what I’ve learned about this market and lift up your spirits.  

Otherwise, join me in cheering on Freddy and the Predators tonight in Game 5 of the Finals.  

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