What entrepreneurs should look for when buying a home

Nashville Entrepreneurs For as long as I an remember, I’ve wanted to be in business for myself.  To be the one fully in charge of my own success or failure.  

For most of the last 15 years, I’ve lived that dream and have loved every minute of it. Even the scary parts (like in the midst of the mortgage crisis) when it looked like there would be no tomorrow.

It’s through adversity that you grow and become the person you were meant to be.

And because of that spirit, I tend to attract others that live the same way. 

Many of these folks are making their way to Nashville because of the business climate, low taxes and wonderful people of Middle Tennessee.  

Like me, many of them want the freedom of working out of their homes so they can spend more time with their family and less commuting to an office on the other side of town.  

Working from home is one of my favorite parts about the job.

So, when others tell me they want to do the same.  I smile and share these four pieces of advice that many fail to consider when shopping for their next home.  

  1. We have achieved that point in time where high speed internet access is taken for granted.  With the new technologies coming online, the future of the internet is as important as ever.  Not every location in Middle Tennessee has access to broadband.  Or they might have access, but not at the level you desire.  So before you sign the line, make sure you check a few places first.  One place that is helpful is a site called BroadbandNow.com.  Enter an address and it displays all of the broadband providers for that area.  Now this doesn’t mean each of these providers services your locations, therefore, you need to call the providers and check to see if the services you want are available.  I can’t image anything worse than buying a home (to work out of) and finding out there is no high speed access. 

  2. Most people do not realize that Codes and HOAs regulate the types of businesses that can be run from locations especially if you will have customers or work vehicles at your home.  I recommend checking with these governing authorities before you finalize the purchase of your new home if you plan to work there regularly.
  3. Don’t assume that you can be productive working from any room in the home.  Make sure the home you select has a space for your office that is enjoyable, inspiring, and isolates you from distractions.  That corner in the basement might look ok now, but spending 8+ hours a day there might be a drag over time. 
  4. Don’t assume that you can live anywhere in Nashville, if you are working from home.  Traffic is tough in Nashville and is expected to get worse before it gets better.  If you have to spend anytime in the car during work hours, make sure the location you choose is close to your destination.  

If you are an entrepreneur that is moving to Nashville, then let me know what questions you have.

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