We're in this love together

Were in this thing together in NashvilleKeith had just moved to Nashville. 

He was a country singer/songwriter that was encouraged to move from his home in Texas by his friend Kris.

Keith was writing songs for the country market, but had yet to cash in on any success.

Back then your music publisher would promote your songs by sending out cassettes of your demos and work tapes.  

One of Keith’s cassettes made it into the wrong box and was sent to a management company on the West Coast.  
It went to the right company, but was meant for a different artist.  

That manager was sitting with Al Jarreau going through the box of tapes trying to find the lead single for his album which they were recording the next day. 

Tape after tape, they listened and could not find their song.  

Finally, they got to the very last tape and the manager told Al, “This better be our hit.”

And on that tape was the song, We’re in this love together, written by Keith Stegall and his partner. 

And the rest is history.

Keith never intended to come to Nashville and write pop songs because he was a country artist.

But that’s how life works sometimes.  

It’s not a bad thing, it just that success doesn’t always look the way we expect.  And it’s possible to find success in places where you never look.  

So, when life starts throwing you curveballs, remember…

We’re in this thing together.  

[Get bonus point if know the last name of Keith’s friend, Kris and leave it in the comments below.]

P.S. And if this song is now stuck in your head (like mine) blame Keith for writing such a catchy song. :)

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