Warning: Here's How to Safeguard Your Home for Sale

Warning:  Here's How to Safegueard Your Nashville Home for SaleAccording to her friends, Sally Spaisman was a good person.

Her long time friend Karen Sprecher said, “It’s not the whole Sally. There’s a really good Sally in there.”

Sally’s life had grown complicated and difficult in the past few years.  She made some terrible choices and will spend the next year in the Montgomery County Jail paying for it.

Sally pled guilty (after getting caught) stealing from open houses.  She would comb the internet for expensive homes, show up at the house posing as a buyer and then steal expensive jewelry.

At first, Sally was getting away with it.  She was someone that most people did not suspect.

After $82,000 in goods missing from twelve homes, her Maryland neighbors were getting suspicious.

Shortly thereafter, Sally was caught red handed inside the closet at an open house.

This case hits home for many people.  When you open your house to potential buyers, you trust people to honor it. 

And not violate your home.

Your home security is serious business.  It takes cooperation from the agent and the homeowner to best protect your home and valuables.

Here’s How We Ask You to Safeguard Your Home

  1. Remove any valuables from plain sight and store them in a concealed and locked place.
  2. Lock up all prescription medicine. 
  3. Take with you small electronics such as phones, iPads and laptop computers.
  4. Secure any bills, checks, statements and passports.
  5. Don’t hide anything in your dresser drawers (especially the top ones)
  6. Put a pass code on any home computers.
  7. Don’t use family heirlooms to stage your homes or have them displayed in photos.

Here’s How We Will Take Additional Precautions During an Open House

  1. We will require that everyone who enters the Open House complete a sign in sheet and survey.
  2. For large, multilevel homes we will have more than one Realtor at your Open House.
  3. We will make sure photos of your valuables or heirlooms are not in marketing photos.
  4. We will make sure the home is secure after the open house is completed. 

In addition to these precautions, we also use a showing service that verifies agents prior to scheduling showings and electronic lockboxes that monitor and control access to your home.

Taking these precautions eliminates 99.9% of all potential problems.

Still, the thought of opening your home to strangers can make you apprehensive.

If you have concerns about security, then hit reply so we can talk about your situation and help you develop a plan of action.

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