Warning: Don't make this common seller mistake

 Don't make this mistakeMarket value is defined as the highest price that a buyer would pay in an open and competitive market.

And who wouldn’t want the highest price that the market would pay?

You would think that everyone would, but that’s not always the case in this crazy market.  

Here’s a common story.

A home goes on the market today and immediately the seller receives an offer.  The seller is excited and accepts the offer on the same day the property is listed.  The seller thinks everything is wonderful and they start packing.  

What they don’t realize is the buyer is going through a completely different set of emotions.  

The buyer is excited that they have a home under contract, at first.  Since they have submitted several offers on other homes and lost, they begin to wonder about this purchase.

Did they over pay for the home?

Why were no other buyers interested in the home?

Is there something wrong with this home that they did not know?

And, they trade in their rose colored glasses for a microscope.  Suddenly, every tiny defect becomes a major issue and the buyers cancel the contract during the inspection period.  

Now the seller is at a worse place than where they started.  

First, they have a stigma on their home because the contract was canceled.  Every new buyer is going to wonder what was wrong with the home that caused the first buyer to cancel.

Second, you’ve wasted the most important time that your home is on the market.  New listings attract the most attention.  Once your home has been on the market a few weeks, the number of people viewing your home drops dramatically.  

Last, with less competition from buyers, it’s harder to get the highest price for your home. 

All this trouble is caused by emotions.  

To avoid this mess, we have a proven plan that helps people sell their home quickly while getting the best price.  

And when you have a plan in place, it’s much easier to stick to it then be led astray by the excitement of the deal.  

Our plan will help you:

  • Get your home ready to sell with the least amount of effort or cost
  • Provide you the estimated market value of your property and where to price it
  • Show you when the best time to put your home on the market
  • Advise you how long you should market the home before reviewing offers

If you want to learn more about our proven plan to get market value (or more) for your home, then give me a call at 615-519-0983.  

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