Two for the price of one...

2 for the price of 1 plus a dollar…plus a dollar.

If you grew up in Middle Tennessee during the end of the last century, you probably heard those words thousands of times. 

It was everywhere.  On the television, radio and in even in the newspaper.  

It’s probably been twenty five years since they closed and I still remember them today.

Not so much for the jingle, but for the value that they brought.  

They had the largest assortment of name brand shoes in the area at great prices.  

The store was the Family Booterie.  

I never saw it, but legend says the location in Hillsboro Village had a machine where you could see your feet while your shoes were on.  

I’m sure it was 100% safe…right?

I was reminded of the Family Booterie, when I was thinking about our real estate business.  Even if it’s not obvious, Gretchen and I work together every day.  

We support each other to make it work better for you.  Individually, both of us are very strong.  When you put us together, we are hard to beat.  

Our strengths (and weaknesses) compliment each other in life and business.  

When you work with us, it’s like getting a two for the price of one.

And you keep the dollar.    

If you want this team approach to selling your home, give us a call today at 615.519.0983.

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