Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets for Safety and Security

It’s almost that time of year, and many of you are wondering what to get as a gift.

While Smart Gadgets might seem to be in their infancy, many of these devices are making safety and security easier to manage for the homeowner with a busy life. 

If someone you know is a gadget geek, consider these as potential gifts this holiday season.

Here are my Top 5 Home Gadgets for Safety and Security

  1.  Smart Thermostats like Nest and EcoBee3 are top choices to save energy and connect to other devices in your home.  These thermostats know when you are away and automatically adjusts the temperature to save money.  EcoBee3 also lets you put temperature sensors in specific rooms to make sure it is right everywhere.

  2. Smart Video Monitors like Dropcam and Nest Cam connect to your smart thermostat to turn on when you are not home.   These wireless video cameras can record up to 30 days of footage in the cloud for later review.  They can also record using night vision so you do not miss a thing.

  3. Smart Home Locks like the Kwikset Kevo look like an ordinary deadbolt that you can open up with the touch of a finger.  You can also assign permanent or temporary virtual keys and monitor ins and outs remotely.  As a backup, Kevo can also be opened with a regular key. 
  4. Smart Humidity Monitor like the Leviton Humidity Sensor can turn on a fan for circulation if a room gets too damp and humid.  This is perfect for basement spaces, seldom used rooms or anywhere you need to control  humidity.

  5. Smart Alarms like Simply Safe are easy for the homeowner to install because they are wireless and can be controlled from your smart phone.  You can monitor individual ins and outs or receive text alerts.  The best part is the professional monitoring is only $15 per month with no contract.

If you have questions about these or any other smart devices for your home, leave them in the comments below.

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