Top 10 Bizarre reasons why Nashville should ban AirBnB

Top 10 Reasons why Nashville should ban Short Term RentalsThe list includes ten of the strangest reasons given to Metro Council during the public hearing on Tuesday to ban Short Term Rental Properties [STRPs] that are not occupied by an owner.  

Before we get to the Top 10 list, I wanted to give you an update on what happened with the bills presented that night during the four hour marathon meeting.

First, two bills passed second reading.  One of them required that owners of these properties get written authorization from their HOA (if any) before issuing a permit.  The other required specific documentation to prove owner occupancy.  

I have no problem with either of these bills and they should help with the enforcement activities.  

The third, and most important, bill was deferred.  It would establish a phase out date in 2021 to completely eliminate non-owner occupied STRPs.  The lead sponsor of that bill, Councilman Larry Hagar, hoped to amend the bill before it was presented again for second reading on May 16th.  

According to the Tennessean, during the public hearing 45 people spoke in favor of the ban and 65 spoke against the ban.  

The biggest complaint against STRPs were the ones used as party houses.  I want you to know that I completely understand why no one wants to live next to an all-night bash every weekend.  

Although the local economy has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from Short Term Rentals, Metro Nashville was slow to put any enforcement into place.  They did not fill the positions in codes designated for enforcement, and they did not purchase the software necessary to find those who were operating illegally.  

That’s why I support enforcement first. 

Now onto the list…

Here’s the Top 10 Bizarre Reasons why Nashville should ban STRPs

10.  Bachelorette parties
9.    Their used as safe houses for weapons
8.    I found potato chip bags in my recycle bin
7.    The owners do not participate in animal rescues
6.    They are not guests, they are strangers who come and go anytime of day or night
5.    People are playing corn hole in my alley
4.    The owners don’t sing Christmas Carols at the old folks home (Old folks home???)
3.    They pose a threat to our schools
2.    Strangers do not have manners
1.    I use AirBnB when I travel, but not in Nashville

I hope that put a chuckle in your day.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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