To show my appreciation...

To show my appreciationIf you are a business owner or entrepreneur, then you will want to read this.  

Last week, I told you about my book that teaches agents to build relationships and eliminate annoying marketing tactics.

It’s a big accomplishment for me, and I have you to thank too.  Part of the book is this email that I send you almost every weekday.  So, thank you for reading and responding. 

I’ve seen these same principles successfully work in many different businesses.   And it gave me this idea.

To show my appreciation to you, I’d love to meet (with a small group) to talk about small business marketing on a semi-regular basis.

We could talk about things like:

  • How I use direct marketing to grow my business
  • The 5 things every client must have in order to work with you
  • How to understand your customer so well that your service sells itself
  • Three ways to add value to your content that creates raving fans
  • The five parts of a story that creates engagement and builds relationships
  • The one question that you should never forget to ask
  • The systems and tools that I use

I’ll give you a peek behind the curtain of my marketing efforts and then we can talk about your business.  

If this sounds good to you, hit reply and say “YES”

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