Three rules of highly effective organizations developed by the Special Forces

Three keys of highly effective organizationsYesterday, I told you about Tennessee State Senator Mark Green.

He came to speak at a Leadership GNAR (Greater Nashville Association of Realtors) meeting about leading highly effective organizations, and all I told you about was his interview with Saddam Hussein the night he was captured in Iraq.

That story about the interview was so fascinating that I had to share it first.

And, that’s NOT all that I have to say about that…

Senator Green has a long career full of amazing accomplishments.  Here is a list of a few of them:

  • Graduated from West Point with a degree in economics
  • Masters in Information Systems from the University of Southern California
  • Doctor of Medicine as an Emergency Room Surgeon
  • Ranger in the 82nd Airborne Division
  • Flight Surgeon for Special Operations Aviation Regiment
  • Founder/CEO of Align MD – Emergency Room Staffing Company serving 34 hospitals

So to say that Senator Green has experience with highly effective organizations would be an understatement. 

He talked about many aspects of leadership and this one thing caught my attention.

Senator Green said that these are Three Keys to a Highly Effective Organization:

  1. Trust
  2. Tough Love
  3. Buy-In

And I agree with him.  It’s impossible for a group of people to work together without trust. How much money does the American Automotive Industry loose every year because many people still do not trust the quality of American made cars.  And their quality is better than ever.  It’s so hard to get back trust once it’s lost.

Setting high expectations and pushing hard to achieve them is this version of Tough Love.  The Navy Seals discovered long ago that when you are ready to quit, you still have more than half a tank left.  Many people are attracted to and thrive in high achieving environments. 

It would be hard to argue with buy-in.  It’s hard to work together effectively if everyone is running a different playbook.  Senator Green suggested one of the best ways to get buy-in from your team is to love on them.  Do what you can to love on your people and they will love you to the moon and back.

This also reminds me of family.  

And if you are looking for a broker who will treat you like family, then let’s sit on the porch and talk about it.

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