This will make your day

this made my dayYou work long hours, almost every day.  It seems like you are always serving someone else. 

You don’t mind because it helps keep your mind off the cancer.  

It was bad enough when your husband was missing work for treatments.

Now that he’s laid-off, you can’t concentrate. Like it’s foggy all around.

Lost in a bad dream.  Desperately trying to wake up. 

Sound familiar?

This is Kim Rotchford’s story and she lives here in Middle Tennessee.  You can see the video at the link below, if you have a Facebook account:

Kim wasn’t worried about Christmas, she just wanted to pay her mortgage this month.  

And, that is where my friend David Dutton steps in to the picture.  Although Kim has waited on David before, she does not know him.  David heard how Kim is always helping other people and how much she means to her co-workers and employer at Cracker Barrel in Spring Hill. 

David is good man with a big heart who wanted to share this message with you.

“With the past several months of negative political posts, the Gatlinburg fires and many other negative things going on around us, I thought I would share something that hopefully inspires others to do random acts of kindness this week.”

I hope David’s gift to Kim inspired you to make this world a more positive place through random acts of kindness. 

Let me know what you decided to do.  Small or large, every action counts. 

If you hit reply, I’ll keep it between us and even share with you what I’ve got planned.  


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