This New Technology Helps You Sell Your Home

New Tech Helps You Sell Your HomeI don’t spend much time talking technology with you, but this is too good not to share.  

Over the past few months, Benchmark Realty invested heavily in a product called RealScout.  On the surface, RealScout looks like any other platform to search for homes.  When you peek under the hood, you’ll realize that this is not your grandpa’s search portal.  

One of the best things that it does for buyers is to be able to compare different properties side-by-side, similar to how you see competing products on Amazon.  You’ll see all of the details for one property lined up in a column, next to the same information on another home.  

Including the pictures.

That’s right, the software is smart enough to rearrange the photos so you can compare one kitchen to the other without having to flip back and forth.  And it’s the same with every other room and view.  

This helps the buyer quickly narrow down their potential properties and make the next move.

And this is not the most amazing advancement.  

What truly sets RealScout apart from the competition is the Buyer Graph.  The Graph uses machine learning technology to find properties for buyers that they otherwise may have overlooked.  

And this is a big problem when you have 20,000 homes for sale in your market area at any given time.  With new listings added around the clock, it’s impossible to find them all online.

This tech learns what buyers really want out of a home-based on their search history, preferences and then makes suggestions to both buyers and agents.

For example, on one of my current listings, I had 13 matches with potential buyers for this home based on their search habits.  Then the system provided a list of Benchmark agents that represented those buyers and made it easy to reach out to their agent.

I can even see if those agents reviewed the information that I sent and if their buyers looked at the listing.  This resulted in at least 5 additional showings.

Benchmark was the first to offer this service in Tennessee, and was successful because we have a 20% market share.  We recently brought on several new brokerages and now this Graph covers 37% of the market share in Nashville.   

There’s nothing else like it available.  

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity or learn more, just send me a message.

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