This Mystik is the real deal

The real dealYesterday, I completed my 49th trip around the sun, and what an amazing trip this has been.

I was in East Nashville snapping a few pics of my latest investor listing, when I noticed that I was out of gas.

And not like at a quarter-of-a-tank out of gas, my needle was below the “Empty” mark.

I was basically running on fumes as I was about to get on the interstate at rush hour.  Not a wise thing to do in Nashville. 

I was at the corner of N. 1st St and Spring St, near LP Field when I looked up.  This Mystic gas station is one that you might drive past without stopping.  It’s been years since they had a facelift and it’s difficult to get in and out due to the traffic.

But I love this place.

Fifteen years ago, when we first moved to Nashville, I was in the same exact spot.  I had pulled up to the pump, running on fumes, and then realized that I left my wallet and phone at home.  

No one else was filling up, so I walked inside the station.  Inside sat a little old lady and I told her my sad story about being miles from home with no way to pay for gas.  

Without a thought she said, you can get $10 worth and pay me back next time you are on this side of town.  I told her that I would be right back, and from the look in her eyes I could see that she had heard those words before.

I drove straight home and straight back with $20.  Her face lit up as I walked into the store.  I don’t think she expected to see me again, especially so soon.   She would only take $10 and my gratitude. 

I hadn’t felt “at home” in a long time, but I did that day.

This lady practiced what my family had taught me since day one.  Treat people like family.

And not the “crazy uncle” kind of family, but one based in love and forgiveness.

Buying gas here yesterday was the best present a man could ask for.  

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