This just happened

This just happened in NashvilleIt’s great when your hometown team makes it to the big-time, but the most impressive thing to me is how they lost. 

The team from Goodlettsville lost to New York on Saturday and played a consolation game against Panama on Sunday.

Most of us don’t want to play in the loser bracket.  We would rather take our ball and go home.  It’s easier to feel sorry for ourselves and move on, then take a moment to reflect and be grateful for what was accomplished.

In addition to gratitude, there a many lessons to be learned in disappointment that will lead to success later in life.  

Not only did these kids learn valuable life lessons, they showed us what grace looks like in real life.  

Here’s why I say that.

Early in the consolation game against Panama, one of the Panamanian batters was hit by a ball and went down.  The entire Goodlettsville team took a knee and scooted closer to the batter. This simple act showed their concern and care for their opponent.  

And then this happened.

At the end of the game, Panama’s Esmith Pineda hit a screaming home run way over the left field fence to win the game.  As Esmith was rounding third base, the Goodlettsville pitcher, Zach McWilliams trotted over to third base to congratulate him with a high-five. 

The kid who gave up the home run congratulating the one who hit it for the win.  

What a great example for all of us.  

Just another reason why I love living in Nashville.   

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