This is why they are always smiling

Why they are always smilingThis nursery was the local favorite and had been in the same family for three generations.  The staff was always going out of the way to make their customers happy while selling them everything from flowering plants to landscape rocks.

Every employee proudly wore a huge button that said, “Business is Great!”

For as long as anyone could remember, the owners and employees of this business were happy and full of joy.  

Most assumed they were happy because of their successful business.  

Customers would always ask about the button which usually led to a conversation about the joy of business.  Like, the opportunities to talk to new people and help solve their problems.  That satisfied feeling when you finish a job and see your customer smiling.  Learning new things and facing new challenges every day. And the blessing of work that is meaningful and productive.  

Although, this business faced the same ups and downs like any other, the attitudes of the owner never changed.  And the enthusiasm and positivity of each of the employees was contagious.

It did not matter if you just had the worst day of your life because their clients would always feel  happy when they left.

Once in a while, the owner would get this question from a curious client, “You’ve built an amazing business so what is the secret to your success?”

And the owner would look at you, smile and say, “The buttons came first and the business followed.”

Happiness can only be stolen by the hardships of life if we allow it. 

I might have been born a “Jolly”, but I have to choose every day to meet you with an infectious smile and a cheerful heart. 

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