This is why I love Nashville

Why I love living in NashvilleThey were unaware of any problems as they arrived at Baptist Hospital 17 years ago.  

After nine long months, Shelby was born weighing less than five pounds.  “That’s when my heart sank,” said her mom, “You grieve the loss of your healthy child and then you have to figure out what to do,” 

All her parents wanted was a happy child.  Doctors told them that Shelby was born with a rare chromosomal issues and would have problems the rest of her life.  It was so rare, that it did not have a name.

And, it was so serious, that Shelby is unable to care for herself in any way.

Feeling mentally and emotionally drained, Shelby and her parents were greeted with love and kindness when they finally came home from the hospital.

Shelby received care through a grant from the state until she was three years old.  At that time, she was accepted into the Harris-Hillman School in Hillsboro Village.  

Harris-Hillman is a public school in Nashville that serves students who have multiple disabilities.   They have a wonderful staff of teachers and therapists who offer instruction that is designed for each individual.  This school has been a blessing for Shelby and her family.  

Over the years, the family has received lots of love and support from their friends and family. 

Some would sit with Shelby so her parents could go to the Hermitage/Donelson YMCA to exercise.  Exercise was necessary in order to maintain the strength to care for their daughter.  

The employees Shelby’s favorite restaurant, Las Palmas, offer a happy place for the family and always make them feel welcome.  

Their neighbors also pitch in.  One of them, Jennifer Garcia, has watched Shelby for years and has been like a second mother to her.

All that love and kindness has had a positive affect on the Family.  Everywhere they go, people are attracted to Shelby.  Even though they don’t know her, they just come up and talk.  

“She makes us laugh. She has a good attitude about everything. She’s just happy,” Shelby’s mother said.

It’s stories like these that make me proud of my neighbors.  I love living in Nashville.  

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