This is what happened when Jordan lost his Mojo

when jordan lost his mojoAt 21 years, 8 months Jordan Spieth became the second youngest winner Masters Champion in 2015.  He also tied Tiger Wood’s scoring record with an 18 under par for the tournament last year.

If you would have turned on the TV Saturday during the Masters in 2016, it’d be like déjà vu.  Jordan made history with the seventh day in a row on top of the leader board and the longest streak for a defending champion.  These were not lightweight records.  They were set long ago by golf legends Ben Hogan and Arnold Palmer. 

Jordan held the lead through the first half of Sunday’s round, and then fell apart at the famous Amen Corner.  He lost six strokes in three holes.  It might have been the biggest meltdown in sports history.  And it cost him the victory.

Most stories end right there.  With a stunned looked on Jordan’s face as he places the green jacket on Danny Willett.

There is a little more to the story that I think is valuable.

After the tournament Jordan was asked, what were you thinking during the collapse at Amen Corner?

Jordan said, "At one point, I told Mike [Jordan’s caddy], I said, Buddy, it seems like we're collapsing. I wanted to be brutally honest with the way I felt towards him so that he could respond with what was necessary to get us to rebound."

For such a young man, there is a lot of wisdom in that statement. Wisdom that goes beyond golf that reflects in business and life. 

Like I talked about last week, we are usually our own biggest problem, and more importantly the source of the solution.  So we need to be brutally honest with those we lean on when times get tough. 

So they can change our perspective, redirect our focus and help us get our Mojo back. 

Yeah baby!

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