This is the Difference between Good and Great

It was 4th down and 14 yards to go.  They were backed up on their 37 yard line with 1:26 left to play.  The defense played a deep zone to prevent any big plays, especially touchdowns. 

The receiver found a soft spot between the linebackers and the secondary and ran a deep curl.  He caught the ball and made a spin move to his left.  He only needed one block to go all the way.  The block came at the last second as he raced down the sideline for a touchdown.

This was the game winning play that helped Florida beat Tennessee in 2015. It helped erase a 13 point deficit to cap a remarkable 4th quarter comeback. 

This is the play everyone remembers.

When you go back and look the game again, you see the two other (4th down and long) plays that Florida converted in the 4th quarter.  Stop either of these plays and Tennessee walks off the field victorious.

Not to mention the missed, last second field goal for Tennessee.

Extending the Florida streak was bad enough, but this loss kept Tennessee from playing Alabama for the Southeastern Conference Championship.

Small mistakes like being slightly out of position or making a bad angle were the difference between good and great this day.

Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great, says, “Bad decisions with good intentions are still bad decisions.”

Just like in football, small mistakes in real estate can have major consequences.  Hit reply and let us help you set a championship strategy filled with good decisions.

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