This Is The Difference A Great Coach Makes In Your Life

What difference a great coach makes in your lifeGame #4 of the recent series between the Nashville Predators and the Anaheim Ducks did not end they way most people in Nashville expected.  

It was their first loss at home in the playoff series and ended with their top two centers on injured reserve.   And these were not ordinary players.  Mike Fisher, who went out with a concussion, was the captain of the team and their long-time leader.  Ryan Johansen was their leading scorer during the regular season.  

On top of that, the series was now tied at two games each and headed back to Game 5 in Anaheim.  

I'm guessing that many people thought this was the beginning of the end of the Predators season.  Even if they did not say it out loud.  

In steps Colton Sissons, a forward with only 13 NHL goals under his belt.  Colton’s job was to replace some of the biggest names in Predator history, even though he is 23 years old.  

Colton showed the confidence that he has in his game last night as he became the fifth player in NHL history to score a hat trick in a game to clinch a conference championship.  

But it wasn’t always that way for the young man from Vancouver. 

Sissons was drafted by the Predators three years ago in 2014.  He spent most of those years being shuffled back and forth between the Preds and their minor league franchise in Milwaukee.  

He was a reliable defender that wasn’t making an impact on offense.  He soon fell out of favor with Predator’s Head Coach, Peter Laviolette.  

“There was a point where it was in and out of the lineup a little bit, and we had conversations for him to just keep trying to show who he was with an exclamation point as a player,” Peter Laviolette said.

Last night, Colton did exactly what the coach asked and the people of Nashville won’t soon forget.  

Having a great coach often is the difference maker in your career and in life.  To accomplish extraordinary achievements, you need someone to show you the best way and to provide the necessary motivation to help you see it to the end.  

And that’s how I see my job in Real Estate, especially in a market like this one.  

When the momentum of the market shifts heavily in one direction, it makes it hard to hard to find your way to the big game.

I’m here to help you breakthrough the noise of the market, put together a plan for your success, and help you work though all of the obstacles that pile on at the worst time.  

In order to help you succeed, I need to know what problems you are facing and the questions you can’t answer.   Hit reply and tell me what you are thinking.  I can’t wait to hear from you.  

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