This is my final offer

My Final OfferLong before we became Realtors, my better half and I bought a home in Knoxville just after we were married.

The negotiations were slow due to the travel schedule of the home owner and the lack of modern communications.  In these days, technology meant pagers, fax machines and cordless phones. 

We were going back and forth, when we decided to cut to the chase.

I said, "This is my final offer and we’re not going to spend another penny."  

With a crazy look on her face, my agent said, “You can’t do that.” 

And I replied, “Why?”

“Because the seller will never accept it,” my agent proclaimed.

I asked, “How do you know they won’t?”

And an awkward silence fell over the room.  

My agent submitted the offer, and called a few days later to congratulate us.  

She also wanted to know, how I did it.  

First, never make assumptions.  Assumptions happen when you believe something to be true, without proof.  

Instead of assuming, gather information and weigh the odds of your decision.  Listen carefully to what the seller says and keep mental notes when they reveal clues about their position.  

Most people won’t come right out and say, give me your best offer.  However, they or their agent might let you know that in a round about way.  

Or you might be able to piece together a few things that they have said that will give you a better idea of their position.  

Once you know where they stand and what they want, it is easier to entice them to move in your direction.    

It’s a great way to create leverage, especially when you have none.  

That’s all for now, but we will talk more about leverage later this week.  

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