Thinking about New Construction?

The Nashville Guide to New ConstructionOne of your benefits is first access to my latest guides and reports. 

And today, I am releasing the first one for 2017.

It’s the Nashville Guide to New Construction.  <——Click the link

It works on your phone or computer.

Some of the highlights of the guide include:

  • Links to search new construction homes all over Greater Nashville
  • The #1 Mistake Most Buyers Make with New Construction
  • How to Gain Leverage in a Seller’s Market
  • Average, High and Low Sales Prices of New Construction in 2016
  • How to Tell if a Builder is a Good Fit for You
  • Nashville Stats on Economics, Demographics and Quality of Life
  • How to Plan Ahead to Avoid the #1 Cause of Builder Disappointment 

I also plan on releasing the 2017 Guide to Buying a Nashville Home and 2017 Selling Your Home in Nashville over the next two months.

And it made me think…

What other guides would you find useful?

Leave a comment below because I value your input.

On another note, my website has been intermittently down this morning along with a bunch of others.  It’s hosted on Rackspace, which is the world’s premier provider of website hosting. 

Even the best fall flat on their face sometime.  However, they have been working non-stop since last night and should have it resolved today.  If you have trouble accessing it, please let me know.

The Deal of the Day in Nashville is a cottage in Cleveland Park [East Nashville] that is ready to renovate and is selling for less than $185,000. 

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