They have the ultimate trust and confidence in each other

Brady and Belichick Nashville Real EstateYesterday, I told you that systems were Bill Belichick’s #1 secret to success.  And today, I promised you the next one. 

Belichick’s #2 Success Secret is his relationship with Tom Brady.  

And I know that seems like the obvious answer, but it wasn’t always that way.

Brady was a sixth round pick and six other quarterbacks were drafted before him. Household names like Chad Pennington, Giovanni Carmazzi, Chris Redman, Tee Martin, Marc Bulger and Spergon Wynn.  None of them are in the NFL today.

So what did Belichick see in Brady that virtually no other team did?

  1. Brady is as serious about football as Belichick.  
  2. Brady is the perfect #2 in the organization.

They have the ultimate trust and confidence in each other and the results speak for themselves.

No other coach/quarterback combo in NFL history has been to more Superbowls or won more regular season games.  

This relationship affects the whole team in a positive way.  When the other players see Belichick being the hardest on Brady, they tend to fall in line because they realize that there are no prima donnas on this team.  And Belichick trusts Brady to give him solid advice and say “no” when necessary.

One of the biggest mistakes any leader can make is to surround themselves with “yes” men, who are afraid to say when they are making a mistake.  

That’s why Gretchen and I make a great team.  There is no fear to speak your mind and provide advice.  

We essentially became the perfect #2 in each other's organization.   And we are more than serious about helping you succeed at the highest level in real estate.    

Together, we’ve sold more than 500 homes in Middle Tennessee.  And we’ve filled the rest of our roster with team players who share our dedication to you.

Want to learn more?

Just give us a call at 615-519-0983.  

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