They Cared, but Only About the Money

The Cared, but Only About the MoneyThe foreclosure industry is a strange one.  Due to the nature of the business there are not many opportunities to advertise to get new bank clients.  Well, not many opportunities that are effective.

One of my vendors decided to add the ability to advertise within their asset management software.  It’s not something where I can see the ads running, so naturally I was hesitant.

The sales person was persistent.  They called frequently and sent informational emails all in an attempt to get me to purchase ads.  This industry slows down in the 4th quarter, so I thought I would give it a try.

I set up the ads, asked for their input, paid the bill and then forgot about it. 

I did not hear from them again for three months.  Right at the time for renewal.

I did not pick up any new clients or get business from current clients in the areas where I advertised. 

So I asked for the data for my areas and sure enough people saw my ads.  They just did not respond.

Since I could not see these ads, I asked the sales rep the big question.  WHY?

They said they would get back to me.  Five minutes later I got this response.

They said, this part of you ad was not set up correctly.  From the ad, it looked like I did not meet the minimum insurance requirements. 

Since I can’t see the ad, I would never have been able to spot it. 

Technically, it was my fault, yet my vendor allowed me to make this mistake. 

They did not mention this potential problem as I was setting it up.  They did not mention it when I asked for their input.  They did not review the ad after I placed it.  They never looked at the ad until it expired and I asked them to review. 

The mistake was easy to find on their end and easy to fix on my side. It could have made a huge difference in my results, and I would have renewed.

But they did not care.

This is a common problem with sales people.  I can’t call them professionals because they are only concerned with getting the sale and the renewal. 

I don’t need sales people in my life.

I need advocates who are invested in my success.

And you deserve that too!

Do you have a sales person story like mine?  I’d love to hear it.

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